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About SYS

Born from childhood memories of a crocheting grandmother and a lifelong love for making things out of yarn, Secret Yarn Stash in an online haven for knitting novices, certified crochet addicts, macramé masters and everyone in between. We stock our online shop with nothing but the best vegan-friendly, high quality, non-animal yarns in every colour you can imagine, as well as all the bits and bobs you need to round off or elevate your creations. 

All things bright and beautiful

We love everything four-legged and fluffy, which is why we stock our shelves exclusively with non-animal fibres in an effort to promote farm animal welfare. There are so many high-quality alternative yarns available these days that you won’t even miss traditional animal-derived wools. For every popular animal-produced yarn, we stock a premium alternative with the same weight, look and feel, so you won’t have to make adjustments to your knitting or crochet patterns. Knit, crochet and craft with confidence in your results and rest easy knowing that no animal suffered to produce your yarn. Of course, it goes without saying that all of our yarns are vegan friendly so you can have complete peace of mind as you work away!

Crafting is a superpower

We don’t know if generosity and kind-heartedness are side-effects of the crafting process, but we do know that we love the big hearts in our community. We want to keep encouraging you to use your superpower for the good of those in need, which is why we offer a large and affordable range of baby wools, basic acrylics, pure cotton and cotton mix yarns. These pocket-friendly yarns are ideal for creating all the items you love to donate to your favourite causes, from baby hats and booties to school scarves and lap blankets for the elderly. 

Always with our planet in mind

We hate wasteful plastic packaging as much as you do! That’s why we are always coming up with innovative packaging solutions that offer complete protection for your products without filling your bin with plastic and Styrofoam. Our latest discovery is fully recyclable mailing bags made of sugarcane. These clever bags do a great job of shielding your goods from the elements and handling during shipping and are completely carbon neutral, making them a sustainable packaging option after our own hearts. 

Service and convenience

We want your Secret Yarn Stash shopping experience to be so amazing that you knit or crochet twice as fast - anything to have an excuse to go yarn shopping again! Because we understand that crafters have busy hands just itching to get to work, we offer a range of shipping services that include tracking as standard. You'll know exactly where your order is from dispatch to delivery for full peace of mind. Received your order but not 100% satisfied with what you got? Whether the mix-up was on your end or ours, we will refund you in full, no questions asked. Your convenience is our number one priority, which is why we go above and beyond to make your yarn shopping experience something to look forward to. 

We <3 our customers

We adore our customers almost as much as we love yarn! The work of your hands inspires us to continuously source beautiful, premium-quality yarns that fill you with excitement and add a distinctive touch to your special creative project. In fact we are sure you will love us just as much once you’ve placed your first order. Ready to take your relationship with us to the next level? Sign up as a registered user for free and unlock a virtual treasure chest of amazing VIP benefits, including exclusive members-only discounts, reward points earned with every order and regular surprise giveaways. You can also set up a personal wish list and share it with friends and family before your next birthday so they know just what to put in your gift bag. What’s more is that you’ll get a special gift from us on your birthday too! Reach out to us with your queries or requests - our friendly and informative staff are always ready to answer questions and to help you bring your craft vision to life.