15 Easter Yarn Crafts To Try This Spring

Thursday, 24 March 2022  |  Admin

15 Easter Yarn Crafts To Try This Spring

It's time to crochet up those bunnies, knit up those chicks, and just get creative with yarn this Easter!

We love any excuse to get out the crochet hooks and knitting needles, and there are just so many great Easter inspired patterns out there that we just can't wait to share with you!


Once again we've decided to include a range of free and paid patterns, with a particular focus on Ukrainian designers with a view to being able to support them in some small way heart


So let's jump right to it!


For the Knitters:



Hare Finger Puppets - Ala Ela

These simple finger puppets would make such a lovely gift for a little one! They are really easy to knit and can easily fit in your pocket for long journeys. They don't take much yarn at all, so they are a great way to use up those scraps you have lying around.


Knitted Easter Basket - Gina Michele

We love a pattern that calls for a pom pom! This Easter Bunny Basket makes for a great home decor item and is knitted on circular needles.


Breakfast Egg Hats Morgunova Olga

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Warm? Good - then you'll be needing these hats for your eggs!! There are some classic Easter themed animals (chicks and bunnies) but you'll also find a bear, frog, cat and an elephant pattern!


Easter Egg Cosy - Morgunova Olga

This Easter Egg Cosy is adorable. It comes in a few different designs, but we love the lamb with it's fluffy body and long ears - it has such character! Again, perfect for a gift (with a chocolate egg of course!) or simply for decoration.


Easter Waldorf BunniesMorgunova Olga

I'm struggling to find another word other than adorable to describe these patterns, but this one is too! Love the idea of having a small collection of these as part of an Easer display, perhaps for the table.


Mini Reversible Duck to Bunny - Susan B Anderson

If you can't decide between ducks and bunnies, then this is the pattern for you wink This reversible toy can be whipped up in no time at all and would make a lovely little 'buddy' for someone. 


Floral Miniature Cardigan - Anna Kibalchich-Poda

This dainty little Easter Cardigan is to fit a small 32cm/13 in doll. There are also other Easter themed dolls clothes from this designer which you'll find recommended in the pattern link.


Those are all of our patterns for knitting. If you are more of a crochet hook kind of person, then these next patterns are for you:



For those who love to crochet:



Bunny Lady and GentlemanYulia Mozhaiska

Here's another really clever egg hat pattern, in crochet this time. Whether you want a bow tie, or a bow in the hair, this pattern is quick and easy to make. It also has photo tutorials so you can follow along that way if you wish.


Bunny Ears Headband - Bright Crochet Crafts

Make a little girls day with this cute Easter Bunny headband (and I won't judge if you want to make one for yourself!) Customise with your own colours and get into the spirit of Easter. 


Bunny Cupcake Pattern - Amigurumi Today

Everybody needs a cupcake that looks like a bunny, right? If you're a baker as well as a crochet lover, then you can spruce up your kitchen with these cute patterns. Or simply make them for a friend!


Daffodil Flower - Roseanna Murray

We already covered some flowers in our Spring Time Makes post (read HERE) but you can never have too many daffodils at Easter! Fill your home with always blooming daffodils!


Snuggly Bunny CrochetBright Crochet Crafts

Having tested this pattern, we can say that it truly is a fabulously squishy bunny made using Cygnet Scrumpalicious Yarn. Great for a baby toy as it's so soft and comforting.


Photo Frame Easter Chick Tatiana Kucherovska

If you're looking for something a little bit novel, then this Easter Chick photo frame is it - It doesn't get much cuter than this!


Easter Egg Patterns Liza Frantseva

Of course, it's Easter and we must include some egg patterns. This collection has amazing detail and is made using our favourite YarnArt Jeans Plus 


Easter Bunny in a Pot of Carnations - Maria Zhyrakova

And finally - a bunny upside down in a pot! Because why not! laugh This pattern does require some sewing, but with lots of photo guidance this is a really fun one! This pattern also uses YarnArt Jeans.



And there we have it, some of our favourite Easter picks! There were far too many to include them all but hop on over to our facebook group and share some of your favourite Easter makes with us, we'd love to have you!