The Place For All Things Amigurumi

Thursday, 8 July 2021  |  Admin

The Place For All Things Amigurumi

When it comes to Amigurumi, the opportunities are endless! Originating in Japan in the early 70's and really taking off in America in the 2000's, Amigurumi has evolved to become much more than just a fad, but a well establish form of yarn craft. It's success lies in the simplicity. These stuffed toys are quick to make, meaning they are accessible for beginners and with most being worked in the round it makes for a very streamlined process.

If you've never tried Amigurumi, it's quite simple to do. Starting with a circle (usually a magic ring) crochet around until it reaches the desired width. Then simply use increases and decreases to alter the toy's shape. And of course you can use change yarn colours to create stripes and other effects. Cotton yarns are best for this type of yarn craft because they are light weight and hold their shape well which makes YarnArt Jeans great for these type of projects.

There are so many fun Amigurumi patterns out there which is why we wanted to share this awesome website with you: Amigurumi Today

This website has literally everything you might need, or want to know about Amigurumi. And they even have an App too! The App is super easy to use and allows you to sort patterns by categories and also by difficulty - so if you're a complete newbie you can ease yourself in, and if you are an expert you'll find plenty of choice! There are loads of free patterns alongside some premium paid patterns (the app is free unless you want to get rid of adverts for a small cost).

Here are some of our favourites that we wanted to share with you and that we think would work perfectly with YarnArt Jeans or Jeans Crazy!


How cute is this Unicorn!? We love, love, love the crazy unicorn mane and tail made using the blue pink pastel variation of YarnArt's Jeans Crazy! To get access to the full pattern for free you simply need to sign up with an email address and then you'll be able to see the whole pattern with plenty of process pictures which can be super helpful!


We just couldn't pick a favourite! The image links to the pattern for the Koala bear, but you'll find links to all of the animals in the post itself. These miniature animals would make a lovely quick project and a super cute gift for someone! These would work up beautifully with the YarnArt Jeans range.

These are just a few that we picked out from the website, but there are literally hundreds more on there for you to choose from. (And if you're a Christmas-in-July kind of person, then here's certainly a few fun makes and gift ideas on there!)

And if you just want to learn more about the craft, then there's plenty of tips and tricks on there that should answer any questions you might have!

Happy Crafting!