Cottagecore and Yarn Inspiration

Thursday, 28 January 2021  |  Admin

Cottagecore and Yarn Inspiration

Cottagecore and Yarn Inspiration Once upon a time, the craft of kitting was viewed as an activity solely for elderly Nans. It has recently come into vogue as a trendy and sustainable past time, especially with the popularity of cottagecore. Crocheting is a more versatile type of craftwork and an ideal pandemic hobby. In our current era of isolation, yarn crafts provide a relaxing outlet to detach from stress and hone a new skill.

What is cottagecore?

Imagine a lazy summer day, lying on your back in a whimsical meadow dotted with daisies. A warm breeze weaves its way through dense sunlit foliage to kiss your face. The distant chirping of birds almost puts you to sleep, but you can't spend all day here. You have cookies to bake, flowers to press, and yarn crafts to complete.

Does this sound like a dream or the backdrop to a fairy tale perhaps? A world where you're void of all responsibilities to live in one of the most peaceful places imaginable? A place where the most stressful decision you'll need to make that day is whether to knit or bake? A nostalgic world of tranquillity, and folksy mysticism – This is cottagecore, an aesthetic on the rise for Gen Z. Half surrealism half escapist fantasy from the reality of an uncertain future ahead.

This phenomenon, which exploded during the lockdown, depicts a yearning for a simpler rural life of self-sufficiency and dainty decor that creates an exceptionally quaint distillation of pastoral existence, romanticising nature and everyday tasks. This visual slowly became the standout aesthetic of the year for 2020.

Showcasing isolation and being stuck at home as aspirational, does the cottagecore trend help make lockdown a less scary prospect? Singapore-based artificial-intelligence company Quilt.AI, which uses AI to gather insights into human behaviour, recently analysed more than 300 Instagram posts with the hashtag cottagecore. From this research, they discovered the top emotion to be creativity (28%) followed by affection (19%) and solitude (10%).

Cottagecore is a modern way of mindfulness, a way to take a break from the fast-paced world of the city seething with instant gratification, flashing lights, and a mentality of expiration. It allows people to take things slow and properly cherish what we take for granted.

Knitting & other yarn crafts a perfect match for cottagecore

Knitting and its associated yarn crafts have so much already discovered potential, fitting nicely into the cottagecore aesthetic decorating wholesome interiors and giving many an extremely beneficial hobby to their well-being.

A big part of cottagecore and a return to traditional ways is about making one's own clothes and sewing, as illustrated by the abundance of prairie-style dresses and aprons embroidered with natural motifs such as mushrooms, and sprigs of flowers posted on many social media platforms in recent times.

Fair Isle knits with their intricate patterns, and artisanal credentials are both nostalgic, and a sure cottagecore knitwear hit for the coming season. Vintage sweaters with chunky cable knits and floral designs have never been more desirable, with the subculture allowing people to enjoy comforting trends of the past in a reimagined way. From crochet crop tops to handmade jackets and bucket hats, the clothing possibilities from yarn knits are endless in achieving this increasing popular aesthetic.

Cottagecore helps break the stereotype of an old, lonely woman with many cats knitting sweaters for her grandchildren. Knitting has entered the complicated social circle of modern life, with more people casually knitting while performing hands-free everyday tasks, and those who enjoy the craft finding new ways to incorporate it into their daily lives.

How to style your home with the cottagecore look

Cottagecore is all about cosiness at home. For those who have embraced the style, key aesthetic components bring natural elements indoors as decorative features – both dried and fresh flowers, and houseplants find refuge amongst the natural colour palette of neutrals and warm tones. A healthy dose of historical inspiration from old-time farming, tea tables and some of your Nan's vintage dishware will have you well on your way to a sustainable home aesthetic that is more harmonious with nature. Don't forget the dappled wooded pathways and earthy mushrooms growing in abandon in your garden, or to become a home accessory of your own by slipping into a soft cotton dress with smocking and embroidered with strawberries and butterflies.

Cottagecore is a nod to the traditional English countryside style and modern rural fantasy. An appreciation for the idyllic Victorian cottage and the simplicities it may hold. Don't underestimate the power of a hand-knitted throw or quilt in transforming your home into an escape of sentimental calm from the maniac world. What are you waiting for? It's time to clear out the garage, gather your antiques, prep the sourdough bread, and transport yourself to the land of cottagecore!