Lockdown Yarn Projects Spreading Joy

Friday, 23 April 2021  |  Admin

Lockdown Yarn Projects Spreading Joy

It's unlikely to come as a surprise to our customers and readers that crafts – and yarn-based crafts like knitting and crochet in particular – have enjoyed a huge surge in popularity during the past 12 months of lockdowns with restrictions on social interaction.

From "lockdown learners" who have enjoyed finding out how to knit, crochet, or even make works of art using pompoms, to those re-discovering a lost pastime, the gentle, meditative art of creating something beautiful out of yarn has been a real boon to many.

Now that restrictions are starting to ease, we wanted to take the time to reflect on how yarn crafting has been helping to spread a little positivity during this challenging time. During the first lockdown in Spring 2020, many of us were making and donating the 'ear savers' or 'mask adapters' to hospitals and care homes to make the continuous wearing of hygiene masks easier on the ears and face for staff in the medical and caring professions. Crocheted and knitted rainbows for hope appeared in windows across the country, and random acts of craft kindness became all the more poignant when daily walks from home became the only outlet for getting out and about (other than the supermarket).

Here’s what some of our lovely customers have been doing during lockdown to spread some joy and positivity in difficult times:


The lovely Lynn has been crocheting these bright hearts and flowers as random acts of kindness, distributing them around her village and local hospitals when she can and brightening up people’s days! She says making them has kept her sane in lockdown.

Her recent makes are being donated to a local community group for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, all made with Secret Yarn Stash wool - what a lovely way to spread some kindness!




Dee has been busy making jumpers to keep family members warm whilst she has been off work with long Covid, she says, “knitting has been a good way of keeping me occupied with the majority of my time split between some remote work, sleeping or knitting!”.

Her family have already started putting in requests for more!






Susie has been a busy bee making hats and sending them overseas to Australia for family, as well as making more for her friends in the UK. And she’s not stopping there!

She’s currently in the process of making even more, with a view to having a stall at a craft fair at the end of the year - so watch this space!




Yvonne's mum has had to go into a care home and so she made this beautiful blanket as a birthday gift for her mum so that “she gets the hugs she deserves but we can’t give her”.

Lots of love has gone into this project, making it all the more beautiful!




So, there you have it – lots of lockdown projects that have been spreading joy and making people smile – and we’re sure they aren’t going to stop there!