Stick Weaving for Absolute Beginners

Tuesday, 5 April 2022  |  Admin

Stick Weaving for Absolute Beginners



It's no secret that we are huge yarn crafting fans (the clue's in the name wink) but we largely focus on knitting and crochet, which are the most popular forms of yarn crafting.

In this blog post however, we are venturing out, and taking a look at the art of Stick Weaving!


As this is something I haven't tried before, it seemed like the perfect reason to experiment. I had to craft some sticks with holes in the end (well actually my other half did) and I gave it a go, and I have to say it was a lot of fun! If you've never tried it, it's surprisingly simple once you get going (although I only created a small snake of yarn - making it into something requires more skill I am sure!)


The Amateur!

I opted for just 3 sticks so that I could work something up pretty quickly and this is the result:





A few things I learnt along the way...


  • Don't try to pull the work off too soon (you need to have a good amount on the sticks (about 2/3rds on the sticks) and this also helps to keep the sticks in place too)
  • I found it best to wrap it around just a few times and push down to keep the tension (I reckon this is something that comes with time)
  • As with most yarn projects if you want to work up something quick use a bulky yarn, however any yarn works so experiment to find what you like!


As someone who prefers crochet to knitting (the mistakes are far easier to hide/ignore!) this is a craft I think I might just do some more of! Making a scarf seems manageable - so watch this space!


The Expert!

We're clearly not the experts on this though, so we thought we'd have a chat with one of our regular customers Sophie, from What a Load of Wool who is a huge Stick Weaving fan:


Sophie, how did you first get into Stick Weaving?

Sophie: "I got into it after stumbling across someone selling packs of sticks on Etsy and just had to give them go. I thought they would be amazing to make scarfs as I couldn't crochet or knit then."

After giving it a go myself, I'd agree that this is a great starting place for yarn crafting, and I can see how it could quickly become addictive too!


What's your favourite stick weaving project to date?

Sophie: "Oooo I would have to say my grey rug. This was such a labour of love and it used about 12.5 miles of yarn if I remember correctly! Or a more manageable project is my super chunky bags!"

If you haven't seen Sophie's bags, they are AMAZING - the one pictured below is made with Cygnet Seriously Chunky Prints Yarn (Colour Nightjar)- I love the way the colour works up and creates this fabulous pattern! And I think she deserves a round of applause for the rug - it's just gorgeous!




Do you have any tips for beginners?

Sophie: "I would just say get stuck in! And don't be afraid of getting it wrong (you can always frog it) You can basically make anything based on a rectangle as you weave the strips and can sew them together! A scarf is a great starter project as there is no sewing involved! I use 6 sticks for scarf."

As someone who doesn't really sew, this is music to my ears - a scarf it is then for my first 'proper' project! And if you've never tried Stick Weaving I'd highly recommend you do. My daughter actually helped me with my experiment (we've tried crochet before but she's not quite got the hang if it, this is certainly easier to grasp and she'll probably be way ahead of me in no time!


I recommend checking out Sophie's Instagram and Etsy shop to see more of her wonderful makes - and thanks Sophie for your advice along the way :)


Have you tried Stick Weaving? Hop on over to our Facebook group to share your experience with us - Happy Crafting!