The Yarn Crafter's Last Minute Christmas Makes!

Wednesday, 8 December 2021  |  Admin

With Christmas just around the corner, you have either got everything sorted and are looking for some enjoyable projects for the festive season (give yourself a pat on the back whilst the rest of us frantically run around chaotically!!) Or, you are in need of some inspiration for some quick gift ideas that you could make (because you're short on time, and who doesn't love a handmade gift?!)


A lot of these patterns are for crocheting (mainly because it's generally quicker), however we have found some projects for the knitters too, so keep an eye out for those scattered throughout. Where possible we've tried to suggest free patterns (if it's not free we just think it was to good to leave out!). Okay, Christmas is coming, let's dive straight in!


Top tips for speedy but beautiful Christmas makes

Time is of the essence, but you don't want to compromise on the look and feel of your projects, so here's some really easy ways you can create things quickly and beautifully:


1. Up your yarn weight for a speedier make - chunky and super chunky yarns will really speed up the process and there are some really gorgeous choices out there (we featured Cygnet's Seriously Chunky Metallics range last month which is perfect for this time of the year - check it out HERE)

2. Let the pretty yarns do the talking - You don't have to go big to make a lovely gift, keep things small and simple and choose a yarn that does the work for you - we love colour changing yarns for this reason, like Boho Spirit and Pure Baby DK Prints

3. Let the yarn shine - Another great option for festive makes is to use a sparkly yarn that will make it all the more special. We love the Bonny Babe Sparkle range for it's lovely shimmer, and also Cygnet's Glittery DK Yarn - both add that festive touch with very little effort on your part!



Cosy Winter Gifts

A gift that keeps you warm and cosy is always much appreciated, and when it comes to yarn crafting, this is pretty much our forte!

This selection of makes would work wonderfully with all the above suggestions of chunky, colour changing, or sparkly yarn:



Knitted Bobble Hat - this really cute bobble hat from Cygnet is made using the Seriously Chunky range (both plain and print) to create a pretty pattern that you could have a lot of fun with!

Crochet Twisted Ear Warmer + Knitted Ear Warmer - These are a lovely alternative to a winter hat, covering the ears in a rather stylish way - and you can knit or crochet these pretty quickly too using a colour changing yarn or something with a bit of sparkle

Presto Crochet Afghan - This afghan can technically be made in a day as it takes just 4.5 hours to make (if you don't have 5 hours to sit crocheting though, this would be perfect spread out over a few evenings) You can find the free pattern here which would work with any super chunky yarn. The Cygnet Seriously Chunky Prints would look great, or a plain colour with matching or contrasting tassels (and of course the Metallics range would make this a stunning blanket, too). Wow, there's so many good options, you might spend more time deciding on the yarn that actually making it!

Christmas Fingerless Gloves - If you're looking for something fun, then these fingerless gingerbread and snowman gloves would be perfect for a younger recipient (although I would happily wear them too!) They can be crocheted in an hour and depending on the colour yarn you use can be embellished to be any character you like. (Yarnart's Jean Plus would work well with this pattern)

Cosy Crochet Mittens - These lovely thick textured mittens will keep hands nice and toasty this winter and should be super quick to crochet up (you might even have time to make a selection of colours for the whole family!)


Quick and Easy Christmas Decorations

Whether you want to spruce up your home, or you want to gift a lovely garland to someone, these Christmas decorations are perfect for both.

From wreaths to garlands to festive characters - we've got something for everyone!



Christmas Lights Garland (knitted Version + Crochet Version) - We love these festive fairy lights, which are super simple to make, and what's even better is, you could probably use up a lot of scraps of yarn and have a truly multicoloured set of lights!

Cork Stopper Gnomes - If you're gifting a bottle of anything this year, then why not add a festive gnome to the top. These knitted gnomes are the perfect addition to a festive gift . For an experienced knitter, these can be made in a matter of minutes...well depends on how many you plan on making!

Snowflake Wreath - This is a little different from your traditional Christmas wreath, but we love it! And although it may look complicated to make, it's actually just two snowflake patterns repeated over and over (and the base is just wrapped in yarn!) You can get all your wreath supplies HERE on our website

Snowman Pom Pom Wreath - This is another great alternative wreath - this one is great if you want to get the kids involved too. This is for a snowman wreath, but when it comes to pom poms, the only limit is your imagination!

Ruffle Fir Trees - These Fir Trees look super effective in all colours and would work really well with a sparkly yarn to make them shimmer!


Practical Presents

Sometimes the best gifts you can give are the practical ones - but that doesn't mean they can't be pretty too! We've got a whole range of pretty but practical gifts to share with you that should be fairly quick to make in time for Christmas:



Christmas Coasters - Although this pattern is for Christmas coasters, they could be made in any colour for any occasion. So if you're looking for something to match your decor then just switch out the colours on these lovely and simple coasters.

Stitched up Make Up Scrubbies - These are super quick to make and are a fabulously practical gift that's also good for the environment! Check out the link to see some gorgeous colour combo ideas or simply make a rainbow of your own!

Teddy Bear Pot Cover - This super cute teddy is a crochet pattern designed to hold a small plant pot - we can see this making a great little basket if made with some sturdy t-shirt yarn

Crochet Bucket bag - This stylish bag is made using YarnArt's Macrame Cotton and just needs some bag handles to finish it off (this pattern has a small cost but we think this would make a fab gift so we added it in)


Mini Makes

And finally, we have some extra mini makes, which is a mixture of both decorations and gifts tat are super quick and easy to make, many of them small enough that you could use up your scrap yarns to make them smiley



Christmas Baubles - Any DK yarn will work for these baubles, which means colour wise you are well and truly spoilt for choice - we actually think you could make a lovely pastel set using Cygnet's Kiddies Kaleidoscope DK Yarn with its yummy candy vibes!

Amigurumi Christmas Cupcakes - This is a paid pattern but well worth the money in our opinion - you get a snowman, a penguin, a reindeer, a Christmas tree and a Christmas pudding in this pattern set and I wouldn't know which one to start with! You can make them as individual gifts (they'd make great stocking fillers) or gift someone an entire set.

Lip Balm Holder - This crochet pattern would make minutes but would make another lovely stocking filler or small gift for someone - use any scraps of yarn you have and choose a lovely button to adorn your new chap stick holder!

Mini Crochet Stars - Sometimes the simplest of ornaments are the most beautiful. These stars are probably the quickest and easiest pattern out of everything we've shared with you, but they are just so pretty and would make a fabulous garland at this time of year!


So there you have it - Last minute Christmas makes for the avid yarn crafter! We hope you find something in there that is perfect for you or someone you know! If you want to join our facebook group, you'll find lots of people sharing their Christmas makes this year for even more inspiration!

Happy Crafting!