Yarn Crafts Perfect For Kids This Summer Holiday

Wednesday, 14 July 2021  |  Admin

Yarn Crafts Perfect For Kids This Summer Holiday


With the summer now in full swing, for many of you it's time to start thinking up activities to fill the summer holidays with your kids or grandkids. And what better than to get busy with some fun yarn crafts! Whether you want to go all in and teach them a new skill, or just have some fun with some simple yarn crafts that even little ones can have a go at, we've got you covered. We've got knitting, crochet and pom pom crafts for you to try - and even if you don't have any kids to look after this summer, you might want to join in the fun anyway!

You can find all the details for each of these patterns and ideas by following the links. And you'll also find some suggestions from us as to what yarns we think would work really well with each project. So let's take a look at these summer fun yarn crafts!


Yarn Crafts for Kids To Try

These crafts can mostly be done independently, with a little help for the younger ones. So if you've got a busy day ahead then these would be great activities to get them started on so that you can do what you need to do!


This awesome little snake is a great craft for kids to have a go at, and once they've got the hang of it you'll have a lot of snakes to rehome!! There's full instructions on the website if you've never done it before with lots of photos making it easy for kids to follow along.

You can create a world of different colour snakes, but if you're looking for that classic green snake look then we recommend Robin Super Chunky Yarn in Apple for this project!

This weaving project requires a little more concentration, but is a great mindful activity for kids! You may have to do a little prep for younger kids, but again there's loads of step by step photos making it easy to follow along for you, or older children. You can let them get super creative too by adding their own decorations along the bottom.

Having a variety of yarn for this project makes it all the more fun, so why not let them choose some of our very colourful Cygnet Little Ones DK - Mini 25g and get super colourful!

This really cute butterfly is another great craft that kids can do independently, and is an awesome way to use up those scraps of yarn you have lying around! Add some pipe cleaners and googly eyes into the mix and let them get creative!



Yarn Crafts With A Little Help

These yarn crafts are also great for kids, but they may need a little help to make them. Or you could even make them as gifts!

This flower crochet headband is perfect for putting your own spin on things. You can make as few or as many flowers as you like and arrange them on the headband to match your style. This pattern gives plenty of inspiration and I love the array of colours used (scroll about half way down the page to see)

You can find Fabric Covered Alice Bands on our website that would work really well for this project!

This is another headband project but this time it's inspired by the very popular unicorn style! This would make a great dressing up accessory for little ones, or just a really fun headband for older kids. There are lots of photos to follow alongside the pattern which is free on the website.

With a recommendation for a Worsted weight yarn for this, we think it would work up beautifully with our favourite YarnArt Jeans Plus Cotton Mix which comes in lots of gorgeous pastel shades!


Teach kids to Crochet or Knit This Summer

With the increase in popularity of yarn crafts, also comes an interest for children to learn the art too. Many kids are interested in learning how to knit or crochet and just need a little guidance to get them started!


One of the easiest projects to get started with when learning to crochet, is the granny square. Not only are they quick to make, but they are great for experimenting with new stitches and patterns! And if you want, you can combine them all together to make a bigger project such as a blanket. This is a really simple tutorial with lots of options to explore more on the website, making it a great starting point for kids who want to give crochet a try!


When it comes to knitting, often people will start with scarves as they're quite straight forward (yes, I know it's summer, but there's plenty of time to pick up the skill and be prepared for the colder months!) This grater stitch scarf is a great starter, and with the Cygnet seriously Chunky Prints Yarn you'll have a bright cosy scarf all ready for winter in no time!



Pom Pom Crafts

And finally, one of my favourite past times as a kid was making pom poms. The best bit being when they were opened up to reveal a beautiful fluffy ball! These crafts are all based on the humble pom pom and are a lot of fun!

These pom pom animals are super cute and I'm sure they are a lot of fun to make - our favourite is the little sheep but really the only limit on animals is your imagination! And if you want, you can make it even easier with out Animal Pom Pom templates - check them out HERE.


This garland tutorial is super easy, simple made up of a load of different pom pom sizes! (You can get a set of 4 different pom pom makers on our website) and the rope is even made of yarn. The multicoloured pom poms are definitely our favourite!


And finally we have these adorable pom pom cupcakes! These would be great for pretend play for little ones and all you need is a few cupcake cases! Why not see what fascinating cupcake flavours you can make together?

So there we have it, some awesome yarn crafts to either make with, or make for kids this summer! This is just a few ideas but we know you are all super creative and we'd love to know if you have any other ideas? Why not join our private Facebook Group and share your ideas with us: Secret Yarn Stash Chat & Inspo Group


Have a fun filled summer!