Yarn Inspired Gifts and Projects for Gardeners

Friday, 27 May 2022  |  Admin

Yarn Inspired Gifts and Projects for Gardeners


The sun is out (now and then!), and many of you are out in the garden soaking it all in. Whether gardening is your thing or not, we know these yarn patterns will inspire you to either get creating for yourself, or for the avid gardener in your life!


We have some really practical gifts including aprons and gardening bags, as well as some garden decor, and what we like to call, 'just for fun' projects!

(FYI - Any patterns in this post that use aran/worsted weight yarn would work well with YarnArt Creative Cotton or YarnArt Jeans Plus, and for everything else we have these cotton based yarns!)


We hope you love these yarn projects!



Garden Bag - Lily Sugar'n Cream

This handy garden bag has plenty of pockets to store all those garden essentials and comes with a really useful handle for easy transportation - this would make a great gift for a keen gardeners and you could even add in some supplies too!


Garden Delight Apron - Shelley Moore

This pattern has a small cost, but it is a really cute idea and too good not to include! The vegetable pockets are just the right size for picking fruits and we think this could be made into a great mini version for little helpers!


Garden Belt - Anna & Heidi Pickles

This pattern is fully customisable - choose the pockets you want to include depending on the tools you want it to hold (NB this pattern is for circular needles)


Garden Apron with pockets - Lily Sugar'n Cream

This free pattern is a full length apron with those all important pockets! It has some fun fruit and veg to finish it off which we love.


Lima Bean Crochet Trellis - Moon Loops

We love the idea of creating a crochet trellis - This free one is for Lima beans, but there are plenty more out there if you have something specific in mind!


Reversible Garden Mat Alyce Benevides & Jaqueline Milles

Your knees will be grateful for this garden mat! Using aran wool this mat could be created in so many different colours! Why not use the lovely YarnArt Macrame Cotton which comes in a wealth of colours.



Solar Light Garden Friends - Heidi Yates

These cute little creatures are designed to go over the top of a solar light - a really fun way to brighten up your garden!


Beehive with Bees - Joyce Overheul

This would make a really lovely outdoor decoration. Add a splash of colour to those rainy days by using the YarnArt Jeans Plus Cotton Mix in Gold!


Spring garden Bunting - In The Yarn Garden

If you never had bunting in your garden, then give it a go, you'd be surprised at how much it can lift an entire space! This free pattern would make a lovely gift to be used inside or out!


Garden Lights - Moois Van Me

These jar lights are perfect for those late summer evenings chilling in the garden with friends - this pattern is in all white but you could have some fun with colours so they are just as vibrant in the day!


Yarn-Bombed Birdhouse - Lily Sugar'n Cream

What's not to love about this birdhouse!! There are some helpful tips included with this pattern for different size birdhouses (You'll find some lovely pastel shades in the Robin Bonny Babe Aran Yarn on our website)



A Succulent Collection - Planet June

The above pictured succulents are in fact part of a much bigger collection, and are actual replicas of real plants ; L-R: Conophytum Burgeri ‘Burger’s Onion’; Peperomia ‘Trailing Jade’; Crassula Capitella ‘Red Pagoda’; Aloe Vera ‘Medicine Plant’ - so if you are looking for something specific then this website is a great place to have a look!


Fairy Garden Mandala - Jennifer E Ryan

These mandalas work up really fast and can be made in so many different colours and finished off with beads or even buttons!


Captain Compost and his tools - Linda Wright

Every gardener needs a captain compost, right?! And some tools to carry around! These are actually patterns from a book, but I couldn't bring myself not to include them in case you are able to get your hands on the book :)


Chonky Mushroom - Mary Beth Temple

And finally we have a classic mushroom pattern - a great way to spruce up any garden! Don't forget you can buy recycled polyester toy filling on our website too!



So there you have it, a collection of fun and practical garden gifts (or if you just fancy making them for yourself, we won't tell anyone!

As always, we love to see your makes, so why not join our Facebook group and join in the yarn fun there!