Yarn of the Month: Cygnet Boho Spirit

Tuesday, 7 September 2021  |  Admin

Yarn of the Month: Cygnet Boho Spirit

When you're in the business of yarn, the options are endless! It doesn't matter what you're making, there's a yarn for just about everything. You likely have your staple yarns that you use over and over because you love the texture, the colour or the way it washes. And you'll have those yarns that you purchase with special projects in mind.

Here at Secret yarn Stash we have the amazing job of choosing and stocking a wide range of yarn and we wanted to share some of our favourite with you! We love trying out a new yarn and sharing our experiences with you, so this month we're taking a look at a firm favourite of ours; the Cygnet Boho Spirit range.


What You Need To Know

The Boho Spirit range is a super lightweight variegated soft aran yarn that works up beautifully on both needles and hooks and has a beautiful irridescent quality to it.




Why We Love It

This yarn comes in a multitude of colours and each of them is as beautiful as the next! Our personal favourite is the colour 'Moonbeam', with its deep and rich pink, white and charcoal grey. Our customers often comment on the vibrancy of the colours in this range and it's silky softness which makes it such a pleasure to work with!

It's an affordable yarn, making it a great option for gift making (yes we are thinking of Christmas already!) It's just a lovely pretty yarn and we don't know anyone who wouldn't want to receive a Boho Spirit made gift!


Boho Spirit Patterns

There are lots of patterns that are well suited to this yarn, and one of them is actually a favourite of one of our regular customers Cattywumpus Crafts - the Dragon scale gloves. This self-striping yarn adds the most wonderful texture to this pattern that we just love. Here's what she makes (click on the image to see her entire range of these stunning pieces!)

Another great glove pattern is the Fantail stitch glove by Hooked by Robin, again with beautiful colour transition and a lively stretch making them super comfy gloves! And what's more, there's a matching Fantail Shell stitch Scarf by the same designer - sounds like a great gift set idea to me!

You can find all the above mentioned design patterns by clicking on the images below:

Another great pattern for this colour changing yarn, is this Colour Me Happy Zigzag Wrap which is Cygnet's own design - it creates stunning ripples throughout and makes a very eye-catching gift! You'll also find a whole host of other patterns on their website dedicated to the Boho Spirit Range - you can find them here: Cygnet Boho Patterns

If you're looking for a gift for a child, then this Harmony Poncho just looks so inviting and magical - almost like fairies made it!

You can find the free pattern here on the Cygnet website: Harmony Poncho Crochet Pattern (I wasn't able to find the pattern for the pompom hat pictured above but it was too adorable not to include - created by Kara @heavenhookedcrochet)

And finally I have one more pattern that I recently had a go at my self using Boho Spirit in in the 'Deep' colourway. You can find the pattern on Etsy here: Hooded Cowl Crochet Pattern

So as you can see, the Boho Spirit range is stunning in every way, soft and colourful - it creates the pretty patterns without all the effort of colour changing making it an all round lovely yarn!

As always we'd love to see your creations too, so feel free to join our Facebook group Secret Yarn Stash hat and Inspo and join a community of like minded yarn crafters!