Yarn of the Month: Cygnet Scrumpalicious Super Chunky Chenille Yarn

Thursday, 3 February 2022  |  Admin

Yarn of the Month: Cygnet Scrumpalicious Super Chunky Chenille Yarn

It sounds like something out of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory... but it is in fact a range of yarn - and a truly scrumptious one at that!!

Cygnet's Scrumpalicious Super Chunky Chenille Yarn (it's definitely a mouthful!) is as delicious as it sounds. It is soft, squidgey and cuddly, with a gorgeous range of colours for a myriad of projects.

And that is why, it is our yarn of the month for February!


Here's what you need to know

This super chunky chenille yarn is ideal for quick knits and big crochet projects. Whether it's cosy blankets, oversized knitwear, or cuddly cushions - this yarn will work up a treat!



Why we love this yarn

To be honest, it's hard not to love this yarn - its squishy goodness is hard to resist! It comes in a variety of block colours in both bold and pretty pastel shades, and includes a shade called 'Teddy' which we think would make the most huggable, squishy teddy bear you could image! Did we mention this yarn is squishy??


It's bulky size means its ideal for quick makes such as blankets, oversized knitwear and giant cushions which makes it a winner in our eyes!


Scrumpalicious Patterns

Here are some of the patterns that you can find from Cygnet specifically designed for their Scrumpalicious yarn:


This Cherry Striped Cardi looks super comfy! You'll need just 2 balls of Cherry Pink and 2 balls of the Pebble Grey for this pattern (or switch it up and take your pick from the many different combinations available!) For a more subtle version of this, we think the smoky grey would also go beautifully with the pebble grey.



This Scrummy Stripe Blanket is lovely with it's differing stripe throughout, and it could be made to work with any combination of colours. And we love the left over yarn 'Lovey'!



This Cherry Scrumpa Cushion looks fabulous, almost like a sweet - We could imagine a whole load of these in candy colours scattered over a sofa!



If this is your first time working with a Chenille Yarn then definitely check out our blog post on Cygnets Chunky Chenille Yarn as there's some tips and tricks that will really help you! And it's also worth noting that this yarn can be prone to fraying, but you can easily prevent that by tying a knot in the end.

And of course if you have ay questions please let us know, and in the meantime why not join our community of yarn crafters below!